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Why Yoga and Treking

Nepal is a pioneer for its varied culture from East to West and North to South.Whether it is spirituality,different customs,religious actiities,yoga,meditation or trekking,people has found solace here in their body,mind and soul.In Nepal,Atmashree Yoga has been working on the field of yoga,meditation,healthy lifestyle,hiking,mountain trekking and natural living.We are introducing the concept of Yoga along with trekking in Nepal as it is one of the very popular destination to experience himalayas and its glory.And Now why Yoga along with Hiking & Trekking very important....

1.Balance-Whether you know it or not, balance is a crucial component of hiking. Balance is needed during hiking to easily pass through a rocky boulder field, scramble up a mountain efficiently, and hop across rocks through rivers and streams with ease.

2.Stamina-By understanding how to connect your breath to your body’s movements while you strengthen, stretch, and continuously move, you will be able to control your heart rate better. You will increase stamina through yoga cardio, which will teach you how to maintain an even breathing pattern through rigorous activity. This will reduce fatigue and the feeling of being ‘out of breath’ during hiking.

3.Strength-Strength building for the trail doesn’t just involve lower body exercises but also core and upper body (strong abs and shoulders will help the backpacker tremendously). Not only does yoga build strength in the obvious places through lunges and core excercisese but new strength will be found the more flexible your body becomes through a dedicated yoga practice. Strength is needed to step up or down efficiently, scramble up or down mountains, and to wear a fully-loaded pack with no problems or struggle.

4.Flexibility-Flexibility is one of the most thought-of aspects of yoga. With flexibility in the body, your body will be able to withstand certain maneuvers that would typically cause injury in a stiff body. When things get hairy on the trail, such as rock piles and steep ascents and descents, your body should be prepared. When you need to utilize your hands to stretch up to reach a support hold during bouldering, you need flexilbity to reach and strength to pull up. When technical foot placement is required, your need to stretch your legs to reach certain holds as well, and flexibility will aid in this too.

5.Patience-Both yoga and hiking have more than just physical aspects to them but also mental aspects. Hiking requires patience. Only your feet will get you over the mountain and that will take some time. As in hiking, yoga also takes patience. Your body will not be able to easily master every single pose, not matter if you are a beginner at yoga or have been practicing for years. Both yoga and hiking are meditations in motion.

6.Inner Connection-Yoga helps you feel more connected mentally,emotionally and spiritually, balanced and put together. It helps you to relax and stop focusing on the negative.


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Hello,Welcome & Namaste Blessed Self,Atmashree Yoga has been continuously working on the field of health and wellness through different activities like Yoga & Meditation conducted at the retreat center all year long.We are very happy to share that we are extendin...

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