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From very beginning I stepped in at Atmashree, people there were very kind and welcoming.The delicious food, the yoga classes, the guidance, the chanting, the fantastic and challenging trekking, the astonishing view of some 8000-meter peaks, the wild nature, the time spent together talking and sharing experiences, the ups and downs, I would not change anything! I felt literally flowing there and so much free to be just me, such a good feeling! There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the sweet experiences and memories I now hold. Thank you Mantra for being so supportive, the trekking and yoga combination was superb! Really looking forward to seeing them again, I highly recommend Atmashree to anyone else willing to immerse in nature and yoga practices, to allow themselves to detach from their routines whichever they are, and to flow with life at a different pace.
Ainhoa Uk
Did 4 days Poon Hill plus a couple of days at the retreat. It was great. Everybody really nice and a lot of knowledge you can get from there. Loved it. Totally worth it
Chris America
I came to Atmashree for 4 days and at the end I stayed 2 weeks. I learned a lot of things about yoga & meditation with a very profesional people. The atmosphere in this place is especial and the food is delicious I also did the Poon Hill trek with them and it was amazing experience doing yoga and trekking! Thanks for all family! I will miss you, Natalia
Natalia Spain

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Hello,Welcome & Namaste Blessed Self,Atmashree Yoga has been continuously working on the field of health and wellness through different activities like Yoga & Meditation conducted at the retreat center all year long.We are very happy to share that we are extendin...

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