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Hiking to Sarangkot & Kaskikot

Short Yoga Trekking - easy

A hike to Sarangkot & Kaskikot is a very simple & easy(about 5-6 hours) hike combining the different yoga practices on the way embracing ourselves with nature witnessing 180 degree Fewa Lake.Passing through a remote village witnessing 180 degree Annapurna Mountain Range finally culminating our trip with the astounding view of Annapurna Mountain Range in naudanda.Join us to be part of this beautiful day hike. Here is the schedule for this Yoga Trek & Hike to Sarangkot designed by Atmashree Yoga.


Tour Package Overview
Ascent/Descent : Kms : Duration :

Arrival at Atmashree between 2-4pm(Drive)

Ascent/Descent : Ascent Kms : 8km Duration : 6hr

Hiking to Sarangkot & Kaskikot

Ascent/Descent : Kms : Duration :

Departure from Atmashree between 2-4pm

What's included(At Atmashree & Trekking Routes)

• Daily Yoga Meditation sessions

• Asanas, pranayama, and meditation sessions

• Trekking to Sarangkot,Kaskikot and Naudanda

• Incredible views of the Annapurna mountain range

• 3 meals daily

• Personal guidance throughout the retreat

• Expenses for drinking water,wifi,battery charging & hot shower

• 2 nights' accommodation & Rooms

• All taxes and fees

• Transportation charges(From Naudanda to Atmashree Yoga Retreat)

• All the paper works and permits

• Yoga Sessions & Teacher

• Guide & Yoga mats


• 14:00 Arrival

• 16:30 Hatha & Ashtanga yoga practices

• 18:30 Chanting kirtans and mantras/meditation and Trataka

• 19:00 Dinner

• 20:00 Retire


• 05:00 Tea & Day Hike Begins From Atmashree Yoga

• 07:00 Hatha & Ashtanga yoga practices

• 09:00 Breakfast In sarangkot

• 10:00 Day Hike to Kaskikot

• 12:00 Yoga Nidra, Meditation and talks on yoga

• 13:00 Lunch

• 14:30 Day Hike to Naudanda

• 16:00 Hatha Yoga

• 17:00 Return to Atmashree via private car

• 19:00 Dinner & Retire


• 06:30 Mantra Yoga/Meditation Walk/Silent Walk

• 07:20 Neti (Nasal Cleansing) & Tea

• 08:00 Hatha & Ashtanga yoga practices

• 09:00 Breakfast

• 11:00 Departure

Trip Note: "Our primary concern is your safety" while traveling with Atmashree Yoga along along with Yoga Lessons. Please note that your leader has the authority to modify or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is supposed necessary due to safety concerns. Our every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary as it is; however, since this adventure entails travelling in remote mountainous areas, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters etc. can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The leader will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required.

Hello,Welcome & Namaste Blessed Self,Atmashree Yoga has been continuously working on the field of health and wellness through different activities like Yoga & Meditation conducted at the retreat center all year long.We are very happy to share that we are extendin...

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