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Yoga Trekking to Panchase

Intermediate Yoga Trekking - moderate

The Panchase Trek is one of Nepal’s hidden gems. Being in the same region as the Annapurna Circuit, Poon Hill trek and the ABC Trek, it is often overlooked by hikers. However, if you don’t have the time to trek these routes, but still want beautiful scenery and mountain peak views, then the Panchase Trek is the perfect option.Being only 5 days long, this is a great trek for beginners and will give you a real sense of what it’s like to trek some of the more wilder sections of the Himalayas. The Panchase Trek only requires moderate fitness and is perfectly trek-able for families and retirees. It’s also one of the cheapest treks in Nepal which is great for people on a budget.

Starting at Pokhara, the trek allows you to explore the amazing city and all the wonders it has to offer before leaving.The trek begins in style as you cross the Phewa lake by boat – an experience in itself! The trail takes you past the World Peace Pagoda and then down through some lovely local villages where you can witness the authentic and rustic lifestyle of the local people.Panchase is actually one of the hill stations in the Annapurna Region and also a religious site for Hindu People. The summit of Panchase Hill (2,500m) is often considered to be the best viewpoint to see Annapurna massif. However, along your trek you’ll also see other giant Himalaya peaks including Dhaulagiri, Lamjung, Machhapuchhre and Manaslu.

Apart from being a great introduction to Himalaya trekking for novices, as well as providing an incredible experience for those with less time on their hands, the main drawcard of the Panchase trek is the beauty and diversity of the scenery: one minute there is terraced rice fields lush, the next, lush vegetation and then alpine areas.The Panchase Trek is one of the easier treks in Nepal and is perfect for beginners or families. The trek is only 4 days long and does not cross any formidable passes.

Tour Package Overview
Ascent/Descent : Kms : Duration :

Arrival at Atmashree between 2-4pm

Ascent/Descent : Ascent Kms : 8km Duration : 6hr

Boat trip across Lake Phewa – Trek to Bumdi (1520m)

Ascent/Descent : Ascent/Descent Kms : 7km Duration : 6hr

Trek to Panchase Bhanjyang (2065m)

Ascent/Descent : Ascent/Descent Kms : 5km Duration : 4hr

Trek to Nagadanda (1670m)

Ascent/Descent : Ascent/Descent Kms : 8km Duration : 6hr

Trek to Sarangkot(1600m)

Ascent/Descent : Descent Kms : 2km Duration : 2hr

Trek to Atmashree Yoga Retreat(700m)

Ascent/Descent : Kms : Duration :

Restorative Yoga & Departure

What's included(At Atmashree & Trekking Routes)

• Daily Morning & Evening Hatha Yoga Sessions to restore your physical & mental health

• Daily Pranayama Meditation Sessions in Morning,Afternoon & Evening

• Expenses for drinking water,wifi,rooms,battery charging & hot shower.

• 3 meals daily with tea or coffee

• 6 nights' accommodation & Rooms

• All taxes and fees

• Transportation charges(Pick up from Lakeside,Pokhara Bus Station,Pokhara Airport & From Retreat center to Lakeside & Boat Ride)

• All the paper works and permits

• Yoga Mats,Teacher & personal guidance

• Trekking Sticks(1 pair) per person

• First Aid Box for minor health issues like diarrhoa,dysentry,constipation,dizziness,light headache & vomiting


What's not included(At Trekking Routes)

• Emergency Evacuation

• Tips to teacher and guide

• Personal Travel Insurance

• Expenses on horses,porters & helpers

• Trekking Shoes

Day 1-Arrival At Atmashree Yoga

2:00 Arrival

4:00 Herbal Tea

4:30 Hatha Yoga Practices-Asana,Pranayama,Mudra & Bandha 

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Chanting(kirtans & mantras),Meditation & Concentration Practice

8:00 Retire


Day 2-Boat trip across Lake Phewa – Trek to Bumdi (1520m)

You set off from Pokhara on a short boat trip across the beautiful Lake Phewa. This takes you to your start point. You begin with a short climb through a lush forest. You come to some staurs which lead up to the World Peace Pagoda. The peace pagoda is one of 80 Buddhist peace pagodas world wide and are built in an attempt to promote world peace. The pagoda is an impressive sight alone, however, from this point you also get stunning views out across Phewa Lake and Pokhara. After a time you continue down through the forest on a small trail before ascending again to join an open jeep trail that winds its way around the hill. You then trek through the village of Lukum Swara before your final climb of the day up to the village of Bumdi where you spend the night either in a tea house or camping.

Approx Walking Time: 5 hours

Distance: 10km


Day 3-Trek to Panchase Bhanjyang (2065m)

You begin the day by ascending through a beautiful forest where you continue to get glimpses of the mountains through the trees. If you love wildlife then get your camera ready as you’ll see and hear many different birds and, if you’re lucky, see some monkeys! After a time the trail joins a dirt road where you get a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. You can even see three 8,000 metre peaks in distance – Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manalsu! You then continue along the jeep trail before arriving at Panchase Bhanjyang where you can either cam or stay in a local tea house.

Approx Walking Time: 5 hours

Distance: 10.5km


Day 4-Trek to Nagadanda (1670m)

Today you reach the summit of Panchase Hill! At 2,500 metres, this is the highest point of your trek and you are rewarded with incredible mountain views! If you get up really early you’ll have the chance to witness the sun rising over the mountains, bathing the peaks in golden sunlight. After staying to witness the views you descend once again to the to the village of Alldanda on the far side of the hill where you have lunch. The afternoon is an easy stroll down to your campsite for the evening which is situated just above the town of Nagadanda

Approx Walking Time: 5 hours

Distance: 10km


Day 5-Trek to Sarangkot(1600m)

You begin your fourth day with a quick walk down to Bhadaure before reaching Sarangkot. The trail winds its way along through local villages and across several streams before reaching the town of Naudanda where you join the main highway to reach Sarangkot.

Approx Walking Time: 4-5 hours

Distance: 6.5km


Day 6-Trek to Atmashree Yoga Retreat(700m)

Last day of our trek ends after completing our sunrise view,yoga sessions,breakfast and hiking back down to Atmashree witnessing the beauty of Fewa lake and paragliders roaming around our head.You will be provided with Ayurvedic Massage in the evening which is included in the package price.

Approx Walking Time: 2 hours

Distance: 3 km


Day 7-Restorative Yoga & Departure

Restorative Yoga Program in the morning followed by breakfast and departure

Important Information

Please mail passport size photograph & passport copy to prepare the permit card for trek

You can store your luggage in Atmashree Yoga center

Please mention if you have any health issue.

Yoga trek is from easy to moderate

Please have chocolates, nuts & other light edible things on the way to boost up yourself.

Have warm clothes for yourself as it cold in the morning & evening

Keep some money for your personal expenses

Have your own torch light & sunscreen

Have a water bottle to store water.

Accomodations are simple,food can be ordered from the menu in the trekking routes.Staying at Atmashree is included in the package.

Atmashree Yoga Retreat strongly recommends you to join our short meditation and yoga retreat program before you take up this trekking program so that you have enough time to prepare your body, mind, and spirit to remain healthy, conscious, active, and not suffer from high altitude sickness.

Trip Note: "Our primary concern is your safety" while traveling with Atmashree Yoga. Please note that your leader has the authority to modify or cancel any part of the itinerary if it is supposed necessary due to safety concerns. Our every effort will be made to keep to the above itinerary as it is; however, since this adventure entails travelling in mountainous areas, we cannot guarantee that we will not deviate from it. Weather conditions, health condition of a group member, unexpected natural disasters etc. can all contribute to changes in the itinerary. The leader will try to ensure that the trip runs according to plan, but please be prepared to be flexible if required.

Hello,Welcome & Namaste Blessed Self,Atmashree Yoga has been continuously working on the field of health and wellness through different activities like Yoga & Meditation conducted at the retreat center all year long.We are very happy to share that we are extendin...

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